Campus Ambassador Programme

Campus Ambassador Programme 2018

Grab the opportunity to be a Campus Ambassador of ELAN & ηvision, IIT Hyderabad 2018 and get a chance to represent us in your college. Here's your opportunity to be a part of the team that helps make Elan & ηvision a huge success. Perks include: VIP passes, merchandise and internships for the top performers. All CA's get a certificate of excellence from Elan & ηvision, IIT Hyderabad.


  • Discounts on particular online courses.
  • 20 guaranteed Internships for phenomenal performers.
  • ELAN & NVISION Merchandise to be given away.
  • Free accommodation on campus for top performing CAs.
  • Exciting goodies in store for those noteworthy CAs.
  • Highly anticipated VIP passes to be seized.
  • Food coupons of popular outlets throughout the city and also discount coupons on food during the fest.
  • The envied Campus Ambassador Certificate, corroborating their work for ELAN & NVISION, IITH.


  • Must give information of the Facebook pages or groups of their respective colleges.
  • Must submit the e-mail IDs of their respective student councils or sci-tech Clubs.
  • Must add certain specified members of ELAN & NVISION into their groups.
  • Must publicise about ELAN & NVISION in their campus at regular intervals.
  • Must update the Online Publicity co-ordinators about their work every week.
  • If it’s a group it must contain all the college students of that college , if it’s a page , it must have been liked by all the students.
  • Must give the contact information of batchmates, toppers and active club members for ELAN & NVISION events.
  • Must put posters and distribute pamphlets in their college , provided by the ELAN & NVISION Campus Publicity(CP) team.
  • Must provide information about your college fests and holidays, etc regularly to the CP co-ordinator of ELAN & NVISION
  • Finally and most importantly, encourage your college students to attend our workshops and fest.

Learning Experience

  • Get contacts, build relations which will ultimately lead to creation of a large network around you.
  • Management skills are the real world skill required at this time of the era, and here, you will get an abundance of it.
  • First hand view of how our fest, arguably one of the biggest techno-cultural fiesta you will ever come across, works and get an idea of how such big techno-cultural fest is managed.

Contact Us

Shashank Varanasi

Publicity Coordinator


  • Gitanjali Mannepalli

    Publicity Coordinator


  • Akshita Ramya

    Publicity Coordinator