Auto-Mechanics & Motor Sport Engineering


Elan & ηvision, IIT Hyderabad in association with Entrench Electronics presents to you a workshop on Auto-mechanics & Motorsport Engineering

Have you ever got the thought of making and driving one of those Fast and Furious cars? Have you ever imagined how such a tiny IC engine is controlling everything in an automobile? Have you ever thought about what it takes to make the insanely powerful beasts that you drive in your dreams?

This workshop, conducted by Elan & ηvision, IIT Hyderabad in association with Entrench Electronics, is specifically designed to provide platform for knowledge flow between industries & institutes, create awareness among the students on these technologies, and also an opportunity to demonstrate their area of research and interact with industry people.

“The automobile engine will come, and then I will consider my life's work complete.”
- Rudolf Diesel

Venue : IIT Hyderabad
Date : 23rd and 24th September
Timing : 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fee per person - ₹ 1100/-


  • Auto-Mechanics
  • IC Engine
  • Introduction to Race Engineering
  • Race Terminology
  • Energy & Transmission of Motor Sport Vehicles
  • Charge Booster
  • Capabilities of Sport vehicles
  • Strength of Race vehicle components
  • Aerodynamics of Race Vehicles
  • Performance parameters of Race Vehicles
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Pit Stops
  • Forces on Driver
  • Modification Science
  • Query Session
  • Certificate Distribution


Day 1 Session 1
Auto Mechanics
  • Introduction to Auto-Mechanics.
  • Types of Chassis
  • Suspension System
    • Role
    • Dependent Suspension
    • Independent Suspension
    • Advance Suspension
    • Selection Method
  • Steering System
  • Braking System
    • Role
    • Classification
    • Suitability
    • High Performance brake material
  • Fuel Supply System
    • Carburetor
    • Mechanical FI
    • MPFI
    • CRDI
    • GDI
Day 1 Session 2
IC Engine
  • Types of IC Engine
  • 4-Stroke Engine
  • 2-Stroke Engine
  • Engine Layout and working
  • Valves and Valve Timing
  • Engine Cooling
  • Turbochargers
  • Superchargers
  • Latest Technologies
    • MPFi
    • CRDi
    • VVTi
Introduction to Race Engineering
  • Race engineering Means & Purpose
  • Race Vehicle general Properties & Appearances
Race Terminology
  • Terms used during Race
  • Terms used in Pit stops
  • Scientific terms to be used to understand further technical topics
Day 2 Session 1
Energy & Transmission of Motor Sport Vehicles
  • High performance & behavior of engine
  • Power to weight ratio
  • Engine downsizing concept
  • Over drive gear
  • High RPM Engine requisite
  • Spring less CAN concepts
  • Camless engines
Charge Boosters
  • Turbo Charger
  • Super Charger
  • Nitrous Oxide Principle
Capabilities of Sport vehicles
  • Acceleration capability
  • Retardation capability
  • Cornering Capability
  • Leaning Capability
Strength of Race vehicle components
  • Body of F1 Car & Fairing of Moto GP Bike
  • Soft Compound Sleek Tire
  • Rims Brakes
  • Engine Power
  • Special Features
Aerodynamics of Race Vehicles
  • Aerodynamic Introduction & Terminology
  • Doubles DRS
  • Advantages & Disadvantage on AD
  • Application in Race Vehicle
  • Evolution of Race Vehicle design
Day 2 Session 2
Performance parameters of Race Vehicles
  • Engine Power
  • Torque
  • RPM
  • Cylinder Capacity
  • Power to weight ratio
  • Maneuverability
  • Special Parts & Engineering behind this super extraordinary performance
Vehicle Dynamics
  • Forces faced by vehicle while acceleration, retardation and cornering
  • Effect of these forces on traction of vehicle
  • Design preferences according to these concepts
  • Special cases
Pit Stops
  • Importance of pit stop
  • Pit Stop Team & Individual Task
  • Pit Stop Regulations
Forces on Driver
  • Forces a Driver/Rider has to bear at the time of Acceleration, Retardation & Cornering
  • How to develop that strength
  • How to perform better
Modification Science
  • How to enhance the capabilities of your general vehicles
Query Session
  • After completing workshop there will be a query session which will help students to clear all their doubts.
Certificate Distribution
  • Every participants will get Certificate of Participation.

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  • Auto-Mechanics & Motor Sport Engineering


    Auto-Mechanics & Motor Sport Engineering workshop is being organized in the permanent campus of IIT Hyderabad (Kandi campus). Limited accommodation is available during workshop.

    Please mail at in advance and specify the duration of your stay (mention dates also) at IIT Hyderabad. Kindly mention your contact number in the mail. You will get a confirmation mail once your accommodation is confirmed. Kindly bring the e-copy/printout of the confirmation mail while coming for workshop. Accommodation charges – Rs 300 per person per day. Food coupons will be provided to you at the accommodation desk. Accommodation will be provided solely on sharing basis.